Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

18 March 2004

Thoughts of the day

I'd trade the world for a moment with you....

I love Robert Seigel of All Things Considered.  He is just so cute.  He reminds me of Dr. Bob Gilbert, a former father figure of mine.  I listen to this man every day from 3:30 to 5:00, and I feel such affection for him.

Mercedes McCambridge died yesterday.  If you don't know who she is shame on you.  She was a fabulous actress who the studios didn't know what to do with, but who became so admired by other actors that she won an Oscar in 1950 for that year's Best Picture winner All the King's Men, which is a wonderful movie about American politics and reformers who never reform.  She was nominated again for her role as Rock Hudson's sister in the old Elia Kazan western Giant.  Cheers to her.

Also, Chess: the Musical is so damn good.  I have the UK concert album with Elaine Page and Murray Head.  Murray Head is crap (as usual), but Page is fab, and the musical direction is waaay better than the US version.

I heard lots of stories of Cloud 9 rehearsal last night, and it sounds like things are going excellently.  It is so weird how people don't get the brilliance of Samantha.  I swear I am her number one fan.  The girl is a terrific actress and I am so excited for her performance in the play.

Two things are banned from discussion at my house: 1) any mention of poo in any form, and 2) any reference to Kristy Winter McCaw.  Not that I hate talking about her, but I don't think about her very frequently and I don't like it when I do.  I realize that for the circle of people who I still hang out with at CSUP she is an immediate and constant threat and she continues to wreak havoc and discord among people who just want to do good work.  But when she gets brought up, I immediately get uncomfortable.  Jeremy brought her up last night and it threw me off completely.  I suppose it is like Christian people discussing Satan and sort of walling themselves in and preparing themselves for an onslaught, but I found that problematic when I was of the Christian faith as well.  To dwell on the devil instead of dwelling on Christ's love or the Rapture or god's blessings never made sense.  In the same way dwelling on Kristy instead of dwelling on the joys that exist in my life seems misguided.  Anyway, I would prefer not to mention her at all... it seems she can ruin a conversation without even being present, and the only reason this is possible is because we allow it.

I finished cutting Love's Labour's Lost, and I was ruthless with it.  I think I am going to be quite pleased with the results.  We shall see.  There will, naturally, be more cuts after rehearsal 1, but for now, I think I am finished.

After having dinner with my old friends Justin & Elizabeth the other day, I got inspired to do theatre again.  These guys just want to work, and they are always discussing different plays and different roles they want to do.  I think tonight I will write my mission statement.  I thought of the name I want to use: Archangel Theatre.  I hope Caloca likes it.