Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

04 March 2004

Off to bed.

I watched about 5 minutes of Donald Trump's show The Apprentice.  Good TV, although I hate how reality TV shows always play this horrible music with heavy drums and spooky backgrounds as if what is going on on the tube is the most important thing in the whole frigging world.

Saw my friend Aaron today at the EME show.  EME was great today, by the way, and I especially appreciated your work on scenes, Ash.  This was most clear during the crazy dentist scene which was very funny... even Kevin was funny and let me tell you that is an achievement.  Ash gave 'Sandra Day O'Connor' to poor Samantha, who of course had no idea what to do with her.  It was so funny I was actually in tears.

Off to bed.  Hopefully to rest up for tmw.  INTERVIEW.  I am so nervous.  If they ask me to direct a scene, I have to figure out what that can be... I will decide tomorrow morning when I look at my library.

Maxwell fucking rocks.

I love when people randomly give me money.  Thanks to   for the cashola.  Yesterday Kristen gave me $20 for doing her taxes, and on Monday   gave me a big ol' wad o' cash.  Yay.  Someone ought to mug me and steal all my money (and hopefully have their way with me so that the day isn't a total loss.)  Sick.  I'm sick.

I feel bad for not wanting to go up to San Berdu County with miss thing but I just can't deal with all that suburban-ness.  La Verne is a trial for me... think of San Bernardino County and remember why I live in a lovely urban area like Pasadena.  Come visit me instead... we'll go see Good Bye, Lenin!  Well come visit me anyway... call me about Starsky.  I really will go.  I promise.

Cheers.  Love to all.  Congrats to   and   for being in my friend's show.