Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

28 March 2004

Someone got in trouble...

So today was sort-of productive. I went to the grocery. I made soup. It is this quite delicious corn chowder with bacon and cumin in it. Yum. The roux went perfectly and I added a little extra cream for richness. I rerecorded the message on my voice mail. It was too pathetic, even in jest.
This afternoon I called Jai to get her to hang out. She was going to make an appearance at the D-Naz party with Bobby and the girls. Who the Hell knows why. I tried to talk her out of going, but instead we made plans for Monday. I told her I was calling Derek and telling him to ditch the D-Naz party and go to the movies with me (NO ONE wants to go to this party) So I called D and he said he would call Julie and cancel his attendance at the soirée. So I promptly called Jai back to gloat on my victory. Meanwhile, D has called and told Julie that his allergies are acting up and he's gonna stay at home and Jaime has been on the phone with Julie saying that D and I are going to the movies, so D is caught and Julie calls and tells him she knows he lied and then texts him some bullshit about how she doesn't know why he felt the need to lie to her.
COME ON. Julie sets the fucking agenda for EVERYONE. I am so fucking SICK of her. I didn't even talk to her today, but she pissed me off. I mean, why the Hell should everyone go to this party at Darren's. No one even KNOWS Darren anymore. Just because he's Bobby's friend doesn't mean we all have to go the party. Not that I was even INVITED in the first place! Bobby is cool, sort of, but DARREN?! Furthermore, Julie did this same lying to one friend and hanging out with the other like a month ago to Jaime! GRRRR!
I swear. Julie infuriates me sometimes. And I keep thinking about my birthday and the attention that got from Julie. I had a fun birthday, but Julie didn't have a damn thing to do with it, because she couldn't even be bothered to SHOW until 11pm! Okay, no more Julie-bashing.
D and Ryan and I saw The Ladykillers, which is first rate and very funny. That Marlon Wayans can do no wrong, I feel, and it has a great soundtrack. BTW: Never again will I attend the Ontario Mountain Edwards 14. $9.25 for a movie! Ridiculous.