Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

26 March 2004

No Construction This Morning

There is no water in my building this morning because someone on the first floor is having repairs done. Bastards. But at least there is no noise coming from my window. I will just have to be smelly and funky all day. I should have thought about it and showered last night but I didn't.

Sunrise: a Song of Two Humans was AMAZING. It was so great, and they talked about their goals with the restoration. They didn't really explain what the other films in the series would be, but it was cool anyway. Parking was FREE and the movie was only $5. I couldn't believe it. Awesome. Plus it was at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theatre, which is very nice and on Wilshire. The whole reason they played Sunrise was to be in conjunction with the F.W. Murnau exhibit at LACMA, which is playing some 6 or 7 of his films over the next 2 or 3 weeks. So exciting. I love when I feel a sense of artistic community like that.

After the flick, Sarah and I went to Toi on Vine and had fairly good Thai food. And Green Tea Ice Cream. Yum.
I like hanging out with Sarah. No sentiment. No retardation. I don't have to work at our relationship AT ALL. We talked about Julie a little, but got nowhere really... she isn't even up for THAT, and I have to admire it. Talking about Julie is going to deep for Sarah. It was cool.

I'm headed to La Verne this afternoon after work. That should be fun. My dad and I are gonna hang out and then pick up my mom and then go eat. Yay, people bringing me food! I need coffee, and I have no water at my house.
I'll have to run to STBKS.
Thanks for the call, Ash. I was in Beverly Hills tappin it up with, well, with no one, really, but I was in Beverly Hills.