Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

02 March 2004

Post-Concert Glow

I met my cousins Angela and Katie in Anaheim and then we drove together to the House of Blues to see Rufus, who we all love.  Rufus' voice was not in top shape, and his songs tend to hang out in the higher rafters so this was not good.  He kept cracking.  But he was so cute about it and begged us all to come to Royce Hall later in the week (yeah fucking right, I'm not that well off, and I don't go to UCLA yet.)  Anyway, he didn't really do my favorites, but he made me want to listen to his new album Want: One more.  I'll give it more of a listen tomorrow while I am at work.  It was a fairly good concert.  The venue rocked.  I had never been there before.  He did at least sing Gay Messiah... hee hee, it was very funny.  BTW: I actually felt butch at this concert.  Hmm.  No judgment on that, just a feeling.  It isn't a normal feeling for me, but at this concert...

I am still very excited about the 8th level of Hell.  I mean, to get there without lying!  Sheesh.

My aunt called me today.  This is why I shouldn't pick up when it says Private.  We are rescheduling our Civilization game until March 20th because my father and I refuse to play if it is just going to be the three of us.  Maybe Ashley can play with us then...  Heidi asked me if I had a hangover from last night.  "To hang over," I said, "one has to get drunk.  And I am very rarely drunk."  "Oh, I am so glad," she said.  "I know there was a time when you were drinking a lot."  Yeah.  In high school.  That was SIX years ago.  Jesus.  She is so out of touch.  It's as if she wants to be out of touch.  Then she went into a whole spiel about how she was disappointed that I didn't show more enthusiasm for her Christmas gift which was a duck that had a heating pad inside of it with a gigantic bow on its little duck head!  There is a reason I didn't show any enthusiasm.  It's called "as close to polite as I can muster."  If I had been honest... well, that wasn't reall a possibility.  When she brought this up I promptly changed the subject.

Netflix is working out just fine.  I have already rented Gerry and Blowup.  Both are films I couldn't find at Blockbuster or Hollywood, so it has been worth it.

Rain, rain, go away.  I miss Disneyland.  Being at Downtown Disney today made me want to visit the park.  How lame that I have a pass but no best friend to go with.  Jill!  Come home....  Too bad I broke up with that boy Shaun... oh yeah, I didn't.  Bastard.  What am I talking about?

CHESS is coming to the Kodak Theatre in August 2005, which is like forever away, but I am so going.

Okay, I am sleepy.