Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

13 March 2004

Philip Glass

Party went well last night. A little hung over. I was going to go see a movie today, but I guess I will try to cut LLL like I said I would. I do still want to go see Burn This. We'll see. Maybe I'll make it. Maybe not.
I had a very nice time with the friends. We just hung out and talked. It was late by the time everyone got here, and then I just wanted to go to bed. Birthdays in the middle of the week are no fun. I am not into the whole going to work on my birthday thing, but I did get some nice gifts, including this lovely CD of Philip Glass Etudes 1-10, the revival CD of Nine, and the sdtrk to In America.

I think I will head down to Williams-Sonoma and look at more pots today. I feel like shopping.