Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

25 March 2004

The Sounds of Construction

I woke up way to early again this morning because some cretin next door feels like doing construction beginning at 7am two days in a row. 

The elevator is broken in my building.  I was home for the whole night last night, which has been kinda rare, but I had chores to do... for instance, I did all of my laundry.  I meant to pay my bills, too, but that just didn't happen.  Perhaps I will do that this afternoon when I come home.  (Probably not.)  Isaac called me last night.  Isaac isn't actually attending Cal Poly.  He was a hired hand last quarter for Earnest.  Madison called, too. 

They said I should take my car to the mechanic, but instead, I purchased the headlight at Pep Boys (hate that fucking place) on Monday... and yesterday, in about a half hour, I took the housing mechanism for the headlight apart and replaced the passenger-side low beam myself.  I feel so... I don't know.  Adult, I suppose.

I watched In the Heat of the Night last night, which was surprisingly good.  My father has been recommending it to me for years.  It was not sentimental at all, and had a really roundabout way of dealing with racism, which I thought was not preachy.  Poitier is obviously the star of the movie, but I see why Steiger won the Oscar.  Poitier's part has no conflict.  He isn't anything but stern and way too good for everyone.  Steiger's part has all of this emotion and difficulty and bloat to it.  It's a really interesting role.

Headed out to AMPAS this evening with Sarah.  Yay.  I've never seen Sunrise.  I think it will be really cool.

What to wear today...