Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

04 March 2004


I have arrived at work and my boss is not here.  Nancy says he will not be in till 10:30/11:00.  Woo Hoo!  My homeless friend at work stole a LaRouche for president poster.  Utter nonsense.

Last night I had dinner with Kristen MacLaren my dear friend.  It was good for my soul.  I was so glad we hung out.  She picked me up and then we headed to dinner.  The first place's wait was 50 minutes, so we headed to CPK where we had salads and then I had a brownie with ice cream.  She's on a diet... I'm not.  We talked for hours.  I don't think she left until around 11.  It was so nice.  Last night was what I want most of my evenings to be... relaxing no-stress fun times with friends late into the night.

Today I am going to CSUP to see the callbacks for Cloud 9.  It is all very exciting for Wahima.  I'm bringing her cake.  We talked on the phone for a long time last night about it all, and I think she has some really great ideas.  She understands the play a Hell of a lot better than I do (she ought to, of course, but sometimes that isn't the case with directors).  I am going to try to see the EME show, but I may just stay for the first half.  My interview at UCLA is tomorrow and I wish to be well rested.

Netflix: I mailed out a movie yesterday and it had received that one this morning.  If they mail its replacement out today I will get it tomorrow.  That's a 2 day turn around.  For some reason, though, they didn't get the 2 I sent on Monday until this morning.  Weird.  Maybe it's just a fluke... but a fluke during my free trial!  Horrors.

I wanted to mention the U.S. Supreme Court.  I keep meaning to write about it.  Whenever I hear the phrase.  "The Court's ruling was 7 to 2.  Dissenting from today's ruling were..."  I don't even need to hear the rest.  I say it with the reporter: "Justice Antonin Scalia and Justice Clarence Thomas."  I like them because they dissent to everything.  Of course I think they're both completely morally bankrupt, but they are dissenting voices and that is what the U.S. is all about.  One more thing about the U.S.S.C.: This is the body in the United States in which I have the most faith.  In fact, I have complete faith in the U.S. Supreme Court and I can explain my faith in three little words: Sandra Day O'Connor.  She is the most powerful woman in the country, and in my opinion the most intelligent.  She is on the winning side of every decision that the Supreme Court issues and the reason for this is that the court is split evenly 4/4 between liberals and conservatives.  O'Connor decides who the majority is by being the only true swing vote.  This would be dangerous were she partisan in any way or stupid any way, but instead, she is the sanest person in the nation.  I love the court.  I love its structure.  And, lately, I love its decisions.

No movie last night and no movie tonight.  I guess the netflix delay is ok.  Maybe if I have time I will watch A Bug's Life.