Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

08 March 2004

Going In to Work Late

I have rearranged my schedule, and now I am scheduled to arrive at work at 10:00am instead of 9.  This means I have time to do yoga and do other things around the house.... like today when I replaced the shower head on my shower, feeling very butch the entire time.  My new shower head is so nice.  I had the most relaxing shower ever.  Ahh.  My curtains are very nice too.  They really spruce up the room and I am very glad I got eggshell instead of white.  White would have made this room get a headache.  Eggshell blends in seamlessly.

Last night I saw Good Bye Lenin! which is very funny and very charming, but ultimately, I think, is not sure where it's headed and so doesn't know how to resolve itself.  The film is very good, though, and easily moves to #1 for 2004.  (Having only seen 3 movies so far, this isn't difficult).