Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

17 March 2004

My Cousin Got into UCLA

How exciting that my cousin got into UCLA!  I am very proud. 

I am starting to feel productive again.  I get into such funks!  Maybe Kim's Depression survey was right and I am Bi-Polar II (Is that what we were, Wa?)  Anyway, I cut the second third of LLL last night.  By that, I mean Act IV.  Gawd, the last 2 acts are more than half of the play.  I didn't cut Acts I-III too much, because there are too many plot points and too much funny business, but I ct the shit out of Act IV.  (There is a lot of shit, too.)  This play must be the most dated of any of Shakespeare's plays.  It is just joke after joke.  I mean, imagine standup in the late Sixteenth Century and imagine how many times you would laugh. 

That's my point exactly.  But I did do a lot of work.

AND I watched The Lost Weekend by Billy Wilder.  Preachy, preachy.  Yuck.  It wasn't even that interesting a portrait of a drunk.  Just... kids, don't drink.  That's no basis for a film.  I don't know how the book reads, but the movie is over the top.  American's were into that stuff in the 40s, though... Gentleman's Agreement won Best Picture in 48 and Going My Way in 45.  Preach, preach, preach.  The Academy is so weird... an amazing picture like Casablanca can win, and then a picture like Going My Way and then something incredible like The Best Years of Our Lives and then another sermon from the screen like Gentleman's Agreement.  So strange.  Taste comes and goes based on the times, I guess.

I realized yesterday that I spend a lot of time and energy resisting doing what I ought to just do in the first place.  Like yoga.  Seriously, I make myself tired and irritable and maybe even sick simply resisting exercise.  How good for me is that!  This morning I got up and just did it.  What am I waiting for?

Happy Saint Paddy's day!  I'm not really Irish, because I'm not Catholic, but I have the blood, so there.