Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

06 March 2004

Who is the hottest hobbit actor?

I feel that it is Dominic Monaghan.  What a cutie.

I feel so fucking alive and good and just amazing.

After vacuuming and mopping and doing laundry and watching Colin Nutley's Under the Sun, which I highly recommend, I had the impulse to do yoga.

So I popped in Tape 2 and I did yoga for the full hour.  I fucking worked out and I can't believe it.

Then I went to the grocery and did dishes and waxed insane about love and friendship for , who will be here to pick me up in like an hour.  I feel so good!  And it's only saturday.  Tomorrow I am going to try to see either Hidalgo or Good Bye, Lenin!

Breathe deep!  Namastë.