Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

06 March 2004

Extremely productive day

UCLA was a very good thing today. Campus is beautiful. I learned today that I don't think I want an MfA... I am quite sure that I don't want one from UCLA at any case. I had a very long conversation with some of the faculty there. They had much to say that has me thinking.

Watched A Passage to India tonight. Boredom. Although the man Judy Davis doesn't marry--Nigel Havers--is bloody gorgeous. I wanted to rape him under the Indian sun. Well, maybe not that far... or maybe so. Hm.

I really must do my laundry tomorrow.

What is an MfA? It is a degree awarded by a school purporting to offer a good liberal arts education. Does it mean anything if it comes from anyplace less than one of the best schools in the country? What is it for? Will it allow me to teach in one of the best schools in the country?

Parents extremely supportive, although, they want to know what my plans are now that I am not going to UCLA. Guys: it's been 3 hours. Give me time to think...