Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

09 March 2004

What day is it?

I am already planning my Saturday.  When I do that I get my days hopelessly confused with one another. 
Tonight I did a whole lot of work on the dialect stuff for Cloud 9.  Hopefully this goes well tomorrow.  I hope for talented students.  I am crossing my fingers.  Samantha will be there... that will be fun.  She will resist me.  She is the official "keep Aaron on his toes" person.

Fuck.  If I go see Burn This, I won't get to go to UCLA to see The Balcony.  Do I really want to see Balcony?  I suppose it really isn't important... the movie will be here soon as it is.  Burn This is more important and it, at least, will have Brian.... Brian... Brian.  What a bastard for not calling me for all these months... oh well.  He will hug me when I see him, and then he will promise to call again.  That's damn fine by me.  Maybe he actually will this time.  I think I will start reading some more Albee.  Tabor gave me this book by Clive Barker, but it's just not my style.  Not really into fiction to begin with and it's creepy and Hollywoodish at the same time, like a big studio picture with a director who takes shit too far.  Besides, gay though Mr. Barker may be, he is not writing for the gay audience, which makes it feel a little bit like he's trying to pass, which grosses me out.

How crap that my parents are going out of town on my birthday.  Oh well.  I will be 23 anyway... not like it's a watershed in my life.  Kudos to Mick and Debs for inviting me to dinner on Thursday, though.  They are on top of shit.  Child called me today to ask what kind of candles I want for my birthday.  What a good child.

Saw a great movie tonight.  The Return.  It was this wonderful story about a dad and his two sons with some great twists and a lot of tough love/masculinity stuff.  Stuff I'm a sucker for.  No crying, though, which is good, although I did gasp.