Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

24 March 2004

Santa won't be giving me anything.

My shirt says "Morning Wood" and it's fuzzy.  The best part is that it looks completely innocuous like a camp shirt.  But instead it is sending insidious sexual messages to everyone with whom I come in contact.  Hooray.

What movies come out this weekend?  I think Bon Voyage.  Hopefully some good stuff.  I feel a little dirty from Secret Window.  I don't usually see such standard studio fare.  I need to see something shocking—some attempt at artistry or great filmaking.  I was reading about Dogville this morning and I got really excited about it.  That Nicole Kidman... she's completely ubiquitous.  She needs to make fewer movies.  I am going to start getting tired of her soon.