Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

23 March 2004

Still at work, even tho it's late...

Yeah, I'm still at work because I'm avoiding traffic and I'll have nowhere to read once I'm in Brea. I busted out my Harold Pinter Complete Works. I think I'll try to finish Vol. 3 this week.
I tried to start reading the book that goes with the PBS miniseries The Story of English but it was kinda dry so I put it down. I'm fickle like that and it's a big fricking book.
Wrapped Anna's gift (Matt found me a good gift at Brookstone). OK, I'm going now. I'm tired of being here. I need to work on a shoooooow. (Whining now complete for the day).

Yay, The Ladykillers opens this weekend and Sarah and I are going to see Sunrise on Thursday at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences in Beverly Hills! Woo hoo.
No Disneyland takers. You all suck. Perhaps I will wait for Jill to come back and then we will go.

I'm a gay black ghost.