Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

15 March 2004

This Day Went All Wrong

I think it started with me leaving my phone at home, and continued with Steve actually being at work when I got there instead of at home doing tax returns (perhaps the fact that all of the 1120s were due today was the reason... Hmm).  I did my taxes on Sat.  I owe $312.  Fuck me.

Today blew chunks not in a depressing way but in a "didn't get anything accomplished" way.  I brought LLL to work to cut it at lunch, which I didn't do because Nance and I went out, but then I left it there and couldn't cut it at home... not that I would have anyway, because my E-bay copy of 11th Hour came and I played that for like 5 hours... sick.  It's not even that fun.  The puzzles are okay, but even they are a little bit bizarre and have more to do with luck than skill.  It's not the puzzles that are the main feature of the game, though, it's these absolutely inane riddles that are all based on anagrams and puns and make no fucking sense. So much so that I was bored most of the time I played the game (there's something wrong with that... why not just quit?)  

I did read the new issue of Out in its entirety, at least.  It is so devoid of actual content that reading it all in one sitting really isn't hard... at least it makes the world look brighter (i.e. gay-friendly).

Maybe I could have read a play or watched a film or something instead of vegging out in front of this retarted computer game.  This is what happens when Aaron and computer games mix.  Grrr.

BTW: Hurray for José Luís Rodriguez Zapatero of Spain's socialist party defeating José María Aznar of the PP.  Not that I'm a Socialist or any nonsense like that, but this is a strong anti-war vote from Spain's people.  The world's people continue to tell their leaders that War is not what the people want (notice Germany in 02 and South Korea in 03 as well).  If only the people of the U.S. would do the same thing in 04.