Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

12 March 2004

Phone Home

I had a weird impulse today to watch E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial.  Nancy had loaned it to me, so it was sitting on my table when I started to laundry.  It was cute.  I know everyone in the whole world has already seen it, but it was my first time.  I think I ought to have watched it when I was younger, although I still liked it.  Two things: 1. who is this chick who plays the mom... I mean, where did her career go... and why wasn't Melinda Dillon playing this part?  Strange.  2. E.T. is ugly.  Not cute.  At all.  Ugly.  Bony-looking, but somehow fleshy.  He grossed me out... and when he's all ashy... that was nasty.

Typical Spielberg bullshit when E.T. dies.  I mean, I really believed that the little man died.  The first ending of a Spielberg movie is always the best one.  After he ends it the second and third time I never like the movie as much.  I should always leave the theatre after ending one.

Funniest thing in the whole movie.  E.T. trick-or-treating and he sees someone dressed as yoda and he follows him.  That was damn funny shit.  I was seriously laughing out loud... the roommate didn't laugh at all... he's boring.

My little brother sent me a gift from Williams-Sonoma: this gorgeous copper sauce pot.  Someday I will have the whole set, but this thing is simply beautiful.  I am just going to stare at it for now.

Talked to the neighbor lady (who complained about me and Wahima making noise) for a long time.  She actually asked me questions and we stood outside my house talking for a while.  I wanted to escape the whole time, but it was a nice gesture, I guess.

Jaime will be over in (hopefully) about 30 minutes.  So many people have called me today... Wahima, Ashley, Jeremy, Maddie, Justin, Elizabeth, my dad, Heidi, Dyson, Anna, Jaime, Jill, Julie, Chris, Debs, Angela... yay.  Love.