Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

10 March 2004

Quick Update Before the Arrival of Sage

I love living alone... not that I live alone, but I love it.  Tonight I came home and took off all of my clothes except for my Calvins and now I'm eating reheated pizza and drinking Blue Nun. 

Tonight at Cloud 9 rehearsal went okay.  I dunno.  It wasn't that I didn't feel like teaching, because I was really excited about it.  Maybe I sensed that the actors weren't too excited about it... maybe it was the layout of the room.  Jensen sitting so high up and me feeling I had to go to each person individually instead of them coming to me.  Or perhaps it was just the regular old teaching thing of being on the spot with a group of people who aren't afraid of you (unlike the Acting II class when I taught that... the fear was palpable.)  But none of these people cared what I thought.  Not complaining, just noting.  I dunno... plus I feel so weird around Mark, like at any time he might gaze at me or anything.  I don't even know if he still likes me, but it weirds me out.  This has everything to do with me, mind you, and absolutely nothing to do with Mark, let us note.  Ashley's presence made me feel more at ease, and Samantha and Jeremy are always fun to be around, but...

The quarter's almost over too, and I suppose everyone is tired, but—and I just realized this tonight.  I am not on the quarter system.  It is so weird, but I always think of time as rather large chunks of space.  This show or that show is always starting/ending/opening.  Not doing a show, I don't have this time constraint.  I have only work and whatever else I do after work.  I don;t even have school starting in September.  Just the same amount of work in September that I had in August.  I will get other shows, and it won't be as monotonous as all that, but right now, it's a little scary... like the life of an accountant.  AHH!

This white wine is good... just sharing.  Tomorrow I am having dinner with my brother and sister.  They are picking me up.  That should be nice.

I was hearing an article on NPR tonight called How Serfdom Saved the Women's Movement.  Nice title, and very apropos subject matter, but I have to say, though I don't particularly like her writing, Lisa Loomer already scored with this one when she wrote the play Living Out last year.  Theatre practitioners... as usual: on top of shit.

The 'Rents sent me a very nice birthday card.  It says: Of all the things in my life that I might have or could have or should have done differently, there's one thing I'd never change, and that's having you for a son... If I didn't always find a way to say it, I hope I always showed it—I'm proud to be your parent, and I love you, Son.

How sweet are they?  I feel loved.  I have to remember to send Justin his card tomorrow.